Well my band is looking for the first gig and we are wondering...where to start???
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Start with a song to get the crowd pumped, something everyone knows.

good info, but he was asking where.
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Well, a lot of times, clubs already have a house PA that you can use, and hopefully a sound guy who knows what the hell he's doing.
i'd say try and contact other bands at your school or in your area to set up something. then find a local club and book a time, print tickets, sell tickets and hope you make money
go to a dam store like wallmart and play outside on the street and ask for donations
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The best way is to play with bands on your level.. so VERY begineer bands as the other guy stated. Here are some other ideas:

Private/Birthday Parties
the Park (If they have the facility)
Rec Center
Bowling Alleys
Depends on your style of music, resturant/coffeehouse/etc.
Start looking through your phone book under arts & entertainment. Read the newspaper.

I am also an advocate for saying that there is ALWAYS a place for your band to play no matter how horrible the band is or if it seems you can't find a gig in your area.
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yah, if you have a rich friend with a big house and a good enough PA just do an outdoor gig thing for friends, we got like 70 people doing someones birthday. Its also relaxed and a hell of alot less scary than the club situation as your comfortable with everyone there
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Lol, try

- schools
- bars
- clubs
- parties
- bowling allies
- parks
- community events
- on top of a large pickup (AC/DC did this before they were famous)
At school this year we wanted to do a show so we did a "Hurricane relief show" and invited 6 other bands and the school covered it all because it was to benifit hurricane katrina. U could try somehting similar.