Help I put 12 guage strings on my one way tremelo bridge and the bridge is coming out of the body what should I do.
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mmm 12 gauges aren't meant for electric guitars...unless you were gonng down tune it super low like to drop B or something...otherwise you shouldnt use 12 gauges, i use 10's....uhmmm if you dont want to replace the strings or whatever just get a **** load of springs for the back of the tremelo thing to put it down
I have a set of 12's on a Telecaster that I use for slide. And yes they are menat for electric as long as they say electric on the package. But they are hard as hell to bend more then 1 step, for me at least. But as far as the bridge, try tightening down the plate that the springs connect to, not the bridge but where the ground is hooked too. Also you may want to loosen the screws that hold the bridge down. They may be too tight.
just tighten the springs in the back as much as you can. you want the bottom of the bridge to be parallel to the body if you can. you might have to add another spring if tightening the ones you have doesnt do the trick.
why would u put 12s on unless ur doin like drop a
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Actually, I used 14s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I find the tone very mellow and very full, but rather inflexible, so I didn't want to bend too far, or else, I would get a scar.

Besides, the truss rod is already at its maximum, so I am using 11s now.