Sorry for the noob question but I was wondering what are the main types of wood, from the good to the worst, that are used in most guitars. Mine uses mahogany and I see alot of gibsons use that type. are certain guitar manufactuers known for useing certain types of wood on there guitars? thanks
Well it's hard to sort things from good to worst heres why

some woods have a greater ratio from crappy to awesome (like Alder compare a Squier to a 69' Reissue strat LOL) and others simple offer a different tone that will suit some people better than others

Let me give you the laydown on the tones of some woods

Alder-Bright gorgeous tone. Probably the best sounding wood unplugged. Has a lot of sustain and bite due to the hardness of the wood and it also has a spike in the highs and lows with a cut in the mids.

Mahogany-Very warm. Offers a vintage-esque tone and has a lot of Mids/Bass. Not as hard as alder which makes it less bright but it sustains just as good.

Basswood-Midsy. It's a soft wood so it really mellows out the highs and boosts the mids which shredders will like. Not my favorite.