Sorry for the noob question but I was wondering what are the main types of wood, from the good to the worst, that are used in most guitars. Mine uses mahogany and I see alot of gibsons use that type. are certain guitar manufactuers known for useing certain types of wood on there guitars? thanks
There isn't any real 'bad' wood that mainstream guitars are made out of.

I mean, just.. don't go for balsa wood or plyboard and you'll be fine..

Different woods have different characteristics.
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Stay away from agathis and plywood

Other than that its mainly preference and pup capability, i.e. brand X sounds better in Y wood
from what i've heard:
alder & poplar - similar, bright sounding and light
mahagony - warmer sound, heavier
basswood - somewhere in between
theres an article on this called Ultimate Tonewoods or something. just do and article search and put wood in there
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