I just changed my strings, and i realized that my tune-o-matic bridge, was really wobbly, and unstable... Is this normal? or is the bridge suppose to be nice and sturdy, and not wobble at all?

lastly... my stop tailpiece... just falls off if theres no tension on the strings... is this normal? or should i tighten the screws

i can tell you that the second one is normal
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100% completely normal, my bridge on my epi even comes off when i take the strings off
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Mine never comes off when i change strings. Am i weird since that never happens to me?
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i dont know either

I have an epiphone les paul, so i dont know if its either sub-par, or shoddy workmanship, or if its actually suppose to be like that... If not, ill replace it with a gotoh bridge...
With the strings on, the TOM should not be wobbly at all, unless you're hitting it with a bat and saying it's shaking.

If the TOM was fine before, but the tension is no longer keeping the TOM stable, you either set it up wrong, or something broke in the process.

Buy a Gotoh, Schaller, Tone Pros, etc. if you're gonna keep the guitar for years to come. If it's a shoddy guitar that you're upgrading in the next year or so, don't bother, unless the bridge really is unusable.