I'm going to purchase an in-home recording system soon, and I wanted to know some of the basic pieces of equipment that I'll need. I need to know what components are essential and which ones are just good to have. I don't know the first thing about recording systems, so I just need a basic list of comps to get started.
Take the thousands of dollars you could be spending on recoding equipment and get some studio time. Yes even the bedroom rockers of the room can record in a studio
The simplest high quality recording setup will probably be a presonus firebox a shure sm 57/58 , a condenser mic (for acoustics) and a cheap recording program.
give me half of your money and ill give your pro advice on what to buy
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You need: What I recommend

Input method: PreSonus Firebox or maybe the line6 one, I haven't tried it
Mic Senhieser e609 only works for electric amps, I don't know about acoustic mics
Moniters KRK V6, regular comp speakers won't cut it, and you need bass
Comp program I don't know, it depends on what you like. A lot of programs come free with recording equipment.

That's really all you need, and this gear will give you near-studio quality recordings. I don't have this setup, but my friend does, and I always go over to his house and jam/record whenever I can.

I think the total for that is between 1000USD and 1500USD.
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound
I have the line 6 ux1, it's alright, but hte modeling take a while to get a good sound with. The krk rp5 is also pretty good. And something like tracktion is a good program to get you started on recording.

the line 6 is abotu 150-200 I think and the presonus is 300.
The krk rp5 is 150 and v6 is 350
Mics can be from 80-whoknows (teh sm 57/58 are both about 80-90 bucks)
Tracktion is 150.
So yeah, that total max price not including tax would be around 970 usd.
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in-home recording system, damn, and im still working on my toneport...
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i have a realitively big set up, i use sm57s to mic amps, blue mics for vocals, a shure drummic set on the kit, then we run that all into a mixer with a line out to a line 6 processor, i use cake walk on the computer, and most of the time im running all my stuff through rack gear vocal processors, compressors, gates, lots of cables everywhere