I've been reading the several attenuator topics, and based on what others have said, the amp can double wattage on the overdrive channel when cranked? So I wanna make sure to get the right attenuator: a 50 watt one or a 100 watt.
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I think it's 50% more power peak than the clean power rating. However, if you aren't cranking it, it won't be putting out it's full power rating. If you are going to be cranking the amp a lot, I would definitely get the 100W. I would probably get the 100W anyway just to be safe, plus the additional power capacity would be useful if you want to use it with other amps.
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I'd say make sure the attenuator can handle 25% more than the amps rated output.
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Alrighty, i figured i'd get the 100 watt in case of future amps, probably not for a couple years, the nomad will last me a hella long tmie