hey guys,

i have a 50's strat but the middle pickup doesnt have a whole lot of push so im gonna get a new one and i was kinda considering the vintage duncan single coil, a texas special tele pickup, or a lace sensor pickup. does anybody have any suggestions on these or any that you think would be a better option. i play mostly blues rock so if anybody can help me with my problem.

thank you
It's normal really...the middle position of a Strat is infamous for being completedly useless. People mostly use it just as hum cancelling in conjunction with the bridge or neck.
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Well, its pretty much like.. neck pickup redux, except you actually need to concentrate on it (rather than just flicking your switch to the neck).. so get something REALLY different, for 2 neck tones.
i agree with 'that pink queen' i'm a strat player, always have been, dude all i use it for is to cancel the humming u get that true strat sound that way. I dont think i ever use just the middle pickup, there really is no use for it on its own to be perfectly honest.