Hi, I've been looking for an electro-acoustic for a while now, and I have my eyes on a Drive Cedar Ridge guitar,


The thing is, I'm kinda feeling skeptical. It says it has a solid sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, electronics, a cutaway, yet it's only $250. Almost all the other guitars I've looked at are priced at a lot more with solid wood/electronics. It looks like a great deal on paper to me, but is there something blatant I'm missing? Is Drive a terrible guitar manufacturer?

Also, I thought it was kind of weird that they would knock the price down to $180 just by changing the finish from "high gloss natural" to "translucent red/black."

Has anyone played one of these before, or know why it's so cheap? Should I just go for it?

Thanks in advance
If you're going to do something wrong, do it
the only thing i can think of is that maybe the guitar is like a parlor guitar (not full size) because like you said... theres no way an all solid wood guitar should only cost 250 bucks.
Does anyone else have any other ideas? I can't find any information on the size specifications really on this guitar, even on their website:


but it seems all of their guitars are priced really cheaply... maybe because they're a relatively new/start-up company?
If you're going to do something wrong, do it
Yeah...I wouldn't buy that blindly...if you can find someplace where you can play it, I would do that.

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