Well I've been playing for about 2 years and I'm progressing rather well. I've got mostly everything down, I can understand scales and modes and how they're related and know how to makes the main ones on the fretboard, and can play up to about 100 bpm sixteenth notes consistently and with minimal if any mistakes. But one of the major problems I've found that I've been trying to fix (as I don't have a teacher and have been teaching myself this entire time) is to prevent excess string noise from being heard. One of the main ways I'm attempting to do so is by trying to mute it with my thumb a little while after I've plucked the string, but this isn't working all the time, and this doesn't work too well with upstrokes. Another way I've been trying to incorporate is holding one of my fingers slightly over the strings that are not being played thereby muting them. But this doesn't work too well because I sometimes hit harmonics instead and its hard to do this quickly, like the real shredders.

My question is are these techniques correct at all? How have you guitarists gone about reducing and eliminating excess string noise so that only the note you are currently picking is heard by those around you?

Thank you for all your help.

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one technique that you could use is very lightly palm mute with your picking hand. and you can kinda turn it a little to get some strings muted more than others. i do this a lot.
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Basically i dont hold the string coz that'll just mess up my picking pattern and i also dont use my thumb coz that'll mess it up too. What i do is, i just muffle the top 3 strings, coz they're the one making all the noises, using my palm. It also depends on your picking pattern, i dont anchor my pinky so i anchor and muffle the top 3 strings. If you anchor by your pinky, like Malmsteen, you oughta work out your left hand muffling technique, which i think is pretty hard. Also, Batio, who anchored his middle finger on the guitar, muffle the strings with a special-made muffler that muffles the whole 1st or 2nd fret (coz he's also a tap artist).
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Noise Gate!!! Just clean up your picking and when you release a note on the string don't pull on it like you do for pull offs.
If you tie a peice of yarn around the strings, riiiight at the top of the neck, you wont get any noise from strings you arent fretting. Open strings are out, but you wont get unwanted noise.
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