I wake up
It?s the middle of the night
Smell the air
Taste the warmth of cold fright

Icy steel of the virgin night
Greets eyes glittering rusted gold
Fly across the never
Seek the screams of lives on hold

A mirrored pool, a lake doth shimmers
Other side a figure in white dares stand bold
Silver moon shine on forever I howl
Greeting the hunger I withhold

Sword at hand, hair ablaze
Eyes set in diamond fire, she waits across the haze
Tread water and strike
Stretch my claws and prepare to bite

Flashes of steel
Ripples of light
And blurs of bone
All that disturb the dark silent night

Silent scream tears
Ripping apart all that is holy
Gasping in her blood soaked guise
My teeth the dagger, and the vise

Staring into Asha?s eyes
Both angry and surprised
Accept your fate and die!
Not yet she smiled

The thing that is my fate
I will not let you waste?


Em its the lyrics for a song i'm working on for our band
I love this piece, i enjoy how you tell your tale without using incredibly long words, so its quite understandable. I would just suggest that you change your title. Its good but i think you should have another title with "(azrael trilogy part II)" on the end. Just a suggestion, but otherwise great work.
When Hetfield wrote Fade to Black, his inspiration was sorrow he experienced after someone stole his favorite Marshall amplifier. Quote:"I know it seems like an overdramatic thing to write a song like that on, but...It was my favorite AMP man!"
Are you a werewolf? J/k, it's really good. Very dark and haunting. I liked the imagery you displayed here. Very creative.
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