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So i was just wondering, when you guys practice, do you stand or sit?

i sit
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stand, if you practice too much sitting down, and your in a band that gigs... your screwed when it comes to moving about on stage lol,
If you play when sitting all the time though, you cant play nearly as well when you stand up. Whereas if you can play well whilst standing you can play that well sitting down.
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i sit most of the time, but i try to stand when i remember that i'll be playing on stage in a couple months. I got a wah wah pedal for my b-day this year, so thats a good reason to stand up while i'm playing/practicing.
80% sitting... 20% standing.. I'm a decent player, but I'm nowhere near as good standing up.. I just put it down to having short fingers.
sit mostly, when I'm trying to learn long solos I need to be right in front of the tabs to read them while I'm playing, but when I do stand I am slowly lowering the strap so that I can get down to a jimmy page height
I can do both the same, but when practicing, I almost always sit.
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Usually sitting, but when no-one is around, I stand up and walk around, because if i stand around and play, my parents will ask 'Rock star..?'
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I sit. On occasions I stand.
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stand, its easier to use my wah pedal then
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Does anyone else's guitar sound completely different when being played sitting down compared to standing up?
you'll be in a different position to the amp when you sit

i like to play standing up. because i like to headbang and rock out.
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Mostly standing up.
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i basically always play sitting because im lazy, when i stand i can reach the higher frets better...but i just deal with it when im sitting down.
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I stand most of the time. As previously mentioned, it is easier to operate pedals; and I don't want to be screwed if I am playing gigs/anything in front of large audiences. But if I am just screwing around with my friends, I will sit down.
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I usually sit, but more recently I've been standing up a lot more.. it's kind of hard making the switch but I know I gotta do it sooner or later.
i sit almost all the time... standing i can only play green day
50/50. I used to sit like, 95% of the time, only to find myself pretty much unable to play standing . I'm comfortable with both now.
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Sit practicing.

If I ever join a band or have to do a gig or something I'm not going to f**king sit, so I should probably practice more standin.
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standing all the way, I just let my Guitar Pro 5 run, mute my part of the song all play along, I like it significantly more then sitting, as logz said, easier to reach my wah and of course, look cooler playing solos, it's more likely that if u play standing up and learn that way, you can play anything sitting down (dont flame me for that, I dont mean buckethead type stuff or laiho just simpler solos and such like metallica).
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I find there is more freedom of movement when standing. Electric guitar lends itself well to playing standing up. If you adjust the strap according to your comfort and you feel confident with your guitar, you can really let loose.

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Eventually the difference becomes minimal once you get very comfortable. I'd practise standing. More fun and when you sit you'll be even more comfortable. And doing a high gain powerful blues solo, you cant not do it standing up.
When I'm learning a new lick, or some sheet music, I'll sit until I get it down... and then I'll stand.

I stand for improvising though.
i sit when im learning something, but when im just playing i stand
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no poll?

I stand most of the time. better for performing.

But some songs you need to sit down. like acoustic songs eg classical gas.
But I tend to slouch right over my guitar if I sit.
If i stand, i play the easier, usually rhythm parts playing normally, and put my foot up on a chair and my guitar on my knee for a harder section, like a solo or something.
I do mostly sitting but I stand up often just to make sure I'm still playing to my best capabilities standing up, especially if you are in a band you don't want to practive guitar sitting all the time. So always do both.
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For me, usually 75% standing 25% sitting. I prefer to stand because if I can play it standing up I can play it just as well sitting. But, if I just play something sitting down, I can't play it as well standing.
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I've seen videos of Metallica playing live. Jimmy H. plays his guitar crazy low - an obviously, his results speak for themselves. I hate playing my guitar that low. I have to have it nearly at my chest to play anywhere near my normal ability.

I haven't played much standing up, so I know I can get used to it. What I worry about is the health of my wrist. If I bring it down to about stomach level, I really have to crank my wrist toward my shoulder to get enough arch in my fingers to play correctly. I've heard this is bad to do, but I'm not so sure. The discomfort reminds me of what playing an open C major chord used to feel like when I first started playing. Now, it's easier than tying my shoes, but at that time it was one notch below real pain.

It's a blow to my pride to acknowledge this, but I don't want to continue to play with my guitar as high as I (currently) need it. I want to work it down lower simply because that is what's in style at the moment. I think if I just work on the flexibilty of the various tissues in my wrist and fingers slowly, then I can make it happen. It happened with my chords, so this might work too.

Kind of like how for most people, trying to jump out of their computer chair and do the splits would result in serious injury. With training, you could do that all day.
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