I love to play and listen to Led Zeppelin and basically all Classic Rock
and even a bit of blues if I'm in the mood
I would like to get a new guitar suited to a classic rock sound so I
instantly thought "Les Paul"
The only problem is I don't have $3000 just siiting around
So can anyone out there tell me if the immitation les paul's
(e.g. Epiphone) are any good and do they sound similar to the Gibsons?
And one more thing how much will they cost?
There's loads of great LP copies around, loads.
It really depends on what price you want to pay.
And you could always buy a really decent LP used, so you don't have to pay as much.
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Epiphone elitists are good, i had the money but couldn't buy one coz im in Aus.
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buy an Agile LP, you get 10 times what you paid for, better than Epiphone, cheaper too.
I have something similar to this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/GibsonLesPaulSpecialSLHumbuckerElectricGuitar?sku=517279
but I lucked out and got it for $499 because some one at guitar center screwed up the sale tag. but anyways that is an awesome guitar if you add some new pick ups. I put the Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded pickup set (JB for the bridge and SH-2n for the neck) and it sounds beautiful but then you might be able to get a good guitar for $800 or less that will suit your needs better. Im just sharing what know and hopefully it helps.
Lp's don't cost 3000 dollars....whats your price range...you may very well be able to afford a real one.
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