Well, this album has been out for nearly two weeks already. And I haven't heard any talk about it here. Of course I am talking about Paul Simons first studio album in 6 years: Surprise.

I bought this album a few days after it came out. And to be honest I was quite surprised(). Paul Simon is once again experamenting musically. Personally, there were times during the first track (How Can You Live In The Northeast?) I would have thought it possibly could have even been Radiohead. Lyrically this album comes out on top. Paul Simon can still write meaningful wonderful lyrics that still touch our hearts. Any thoughts on this new album? Did anyone even know that it came out? Because I would recomend this album to anyone.
I haven't got it yet, but I'm seriously considering it. The only track I've heard is 'Father And Daughter', I think that's what it's called, but that was pretty good.
Paul Simon is one of the best and most underrated songwriters of all time.
I never really got into him solo, I think he's a great songwriter, but theres something about Art's voice that his songs really miss.