Im looking for a new set of pickups but im very short on cash so ive been checking out the GFS pickups. I want a bridge pickup that can provide a heavy distortion while being articulate and not muddy and i was looking at the either the Crusader or the Crunchy PAF. The paf has a sound clip that sounds good although not heavy enough for what i want so i was wondering if anybody knew how hard it would be to get a good chunky distortion out of it (sounds similar to a JB to me) heres the link http://store.guitarfetish.com/crpafhublbrp.html

the crusader apparently sounds like an invader but with is "a bit more aggressive in the upper mids- which should give you substantially better string articulation." which sounds good to me but has anybody heard one themselves? more info here: http://store.guitarfetish.com/gfscrourhoov.html

for the neck i want a good dirty lead tone but also nice cleans so i was looking at either the crunchy paf again, or the alnico fat paf which has some details here http://store.guitarfetish.com/alfatpafbohu.html

the alnico fat paf sounds like it would have the best cleans but i also want to get a distorted high gain shred sorta tone out of the neck as well so i was leaning more towards the crunchy paf.

basically i was thinking either crusader/crunchy paf, crunchy paf/crunchy paf or cruncy paf/fat paf

if anybody can comment on personal experiance with any of these pickups or would like to reccomend a combination id be very grateful.

also while im at it has anybody ever used one of the licensed floyd roses they sell on guitar fetish? apparently theyre hardened steel or something and sound alright, and definately an attractive price... thanks for any input

EDIT: heres the link to the trem http://store.guitarfetish.com/flroflotrsy.html
I think your best bet would be to email Guitar Fetish and ask them for some advice.