Just a rough acoustic version of my start of my 'summer' anthem.
basically it's not really played or sung well, I'm still waiting for my band to figure out what their doing, but I'm pretty much done with guitar, since I'll be playing synth and keyboard in my band.


We've been counting down the days for summer to begin
Holding in the hesitations, running out the door.
but it's been pretty hard to focus with the season so near
Anticipation all around,
This is what the week before is all about

And I'll be trading in my study guide for a part time job
I'll be hanging out on Wednesday nights and never end up home on time
I'll be calling every venue, ask if I can play a show
It'll be the life I want forever. I hope it never ends.

Bowling alley lock-ins, we'll miss Christmas in July
For the first time ever, I'm heading off to band camp
One thing I know for sure, this summer will fly by
We'll be missing each day here soon enough,

but not much longer...

It's hard to believe that summer's great feeling in within reach
And I'll be eating fresh watermelon by the pool
Not too mention sleeping in and waking up at ten
five more days

And I'll be...

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