what do you think about this thing? i listened to sound clips and i have to say it sounds better than any other pedal ive heard so far, its just really smooth sounding even at hi gain, and can also get really tight and aggressive. i like the tone.
well i own one, its a good pedal but its really hard to set up to get those nice sounds, its just like a mesa amp utter hell to get the tone but once you have them it does sound amazing, i was running it with a ltd H100 and it made agathis sound good
wow thats cool man, yeha wel im a gadgeteer anyway so id enjoy spending the time for the reward. thanks man
why its really expensive, and i dont know much about effects with tubes in them, except that its becoming more popular like the vox mulit effects has a preamp tube in it.P.S. why does it matter what amp i have?
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amp would carry most of your tones believe it or not. plus the demonizer would be able to do much much much more than the mxr double shot
i say the Maxon Sonic distortion even on a tube amp its gold. sounds amazing blisteringly high gain
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really an amp wont matter with this pedal its mostly just used to emulate other distortions, i used it as a gain booster but it doesnt do that very well its mostly for emulating distortion and fuzz or adding more distortion channels to an amp it does work well with effects
I have a Maxon 830 as a tube distortion emulator and I'm still thinking wether to buy a (used only) double shot dist. I could also sell my MXR Distortion+ M104 if this Double Shot has the same feature.