I really need help with something. My guitar doesnt play when I plug in my amp and the volume is up and I tried all my cables. And even tried them on another guitar and it works. If anyone has experienced this problem and knows what to do I would appreciate it. It cost me 500 bucks.
the input on your guitar maybe loose or a wire attached to it may have come undone, jenni could really help ya with that
fix your electronics they might be lose and if thats not the case make shore the pick up and or humbucker is conected
Well I think a wire might have come undone. thought it might have been a serious problem because I was tightening the input socket because it kept coming loose and then it wouldnt work. So if you guys would tell me that its something that can be fixed, it would be a huge relief for me.

EDIT: And I screwed around with the volume knobs too while it was turned on and it still didnt play... should I try unscrewing the input socket?
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Ok I took off the cover and it looks like you are right a wire is undone. How can I fix it? Should I just take it to a shop?
if you can't solder, take it to the shop
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Ok I will do that thanks alot guys you have no idea what a relief it is. If it was broken it would mean back to squier.