ok it worked now for some reason, but yeah i've seen that video before and i think it's really cool. i'm not sure what kinda guitar that is though
It's called a harp guitar. They are a lot more commen than you might think. Gibson used to make a lot of them but the gibson version looked like a double neck guitar with the 2 necks joined at the headstock.

That particular harp guitar looks like it was made by mike doolin. The same guy that made the custome double neck for justin king
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Awesome...I want one, lol.

Are the strings on the bass part of the neck piano strings? Thast kind of what they sound like.

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^They were nylon strings so I'm guing to guess that they were harp strings
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harp guitar! Michael Hedges play some amazing stuff on one of those (makes that lady on your video look r-u-b-b-i-s-h)...look him up on youtube.com
Anyone ever seen a Picaso Guitar? Those things are just manic!