i assume this means a line out to a recording device. does this "line out" deliver what comes out of the speaker? the live sound, with feedback squeeling and all?

also, this amplifier is 150 watts with 2 channels. this means 75 watts each, correct? if it has 75 watts per channel, does this mean that 2, 70 watt speakers, with 140 combined wattage can handle the amp's "per channel" wattage?

sorry for sounding so deliberate, but i want to be as clear as possible.

also, in this price range, $470 usd, can anybody recommend other guitar heads (+/- $50), preferably tube. for metal.

thanks for bearing with me
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If you're getting to $500, you can prolly afford to go tube, which would be a much better prospect in most people's opinion

But in answer to your questions, No it's not 75 watts per channel, it's 150 watts...which is 150 watts per channel...The line out will take everything that the power amp sends to the speaker and route it out to somewhere else

And no, 2 70 watt speakers would not be able to handle the amps power

Hope that helped

P.S. You should get a combo instead of a head/cab - works out cheaper, and you can get a better amp for the same money
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as far as tubes go, the randall is a hybrid. the other reason i want a head is because i can't play above livingroom level. so i play thru my stereo system. i'm going to have to rent out rehearsal space in order to really do the stuff i want to do. as far as recording goes. this means i have to transport the amp, and i'm in nyc which means i either walk, ride my bicycle or take the subway.