I was wondering if my Standard Mexican Strat (Serial MZI172599) can support 2 single coils and one humbucker?

Cause i was thinking of getting my strat which has:

Fender Lace Sensors:

Neck: Blue
Middle: Silver
Bridge: Red


BareKnuckle Pickups:

Neck: Slowhand or Apache
Middle: Irish Tour
Bridge: Miracle Man
Just to let you know, you're planning on changing out quite possibly the most versatile pickup combination out there. Personally I would keep the Lace pickups in there. The red will give you an almost humbucker sound with its extra shielding and high gain, the silver is known for it's '70s rock sounds and the blues are great for well, the blues, deep rich sounds. You can imagine with a 5 way switch what the combo's would be like.

I would say wait a while and grab another mexi strat or strat copy that is fairly decent and then mod it.

As for your question, if you must change your current setup, yes, a strat will support 2 singles and a humbucker, Fender even makes pickguards for such a setup. You might have to do some slight bodywork to make room for the humbucker unless you put it in the bridge position. It may be a little cramped, but it'll fit.