So my brothers freind sold me a strat for 125 i was like shyea, im repainting it and switching out the electronics cus they were crap in this, the guitar wasnt taken care of at all but im hoping once im done with it it will be money. Im wondering if i could put a floyd rose locking trem in it and i was wondering what the best pickup combo would be for a h/s/s the humbucker will deffinitely be a jb, i have one in my schecter and its awesome, what would be two good singlecoil combos for that, the guitar will most likely be my solo guitar so i was just wondering. And is it possible to keep my originial neck and put the locking nut in or will i have to do more work than its worth. I dont have a problem keeping the originial bridge, its authentic fender but i would like a guitar with a floyd and this looked like a good option. Thanks guys.
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