I have noticed a lot of guitarists getting a very shrill sound out of there amps while turned up loud during gigs and stuff.. Lately i have been having this same problem. I am pretty sure it comes from the treble.My treble is turned up around 7 or 8. I usually keep the mids down around 3 or 4. and bass at a mid level. When I am turned down i get a very warm thick sound but at high levels I get a shrill sound with these settings while soloing but if I turn the treble down i dont get the thick powerful sound from my rhythm. This is all coming out of a Marshall Mg100DFX head using the amp distortion. Does anyone have any suggestions?
1. Don't face your amp with your guitar, you're getting feedback
2. Don't turn your amp up that loud, nobody should be forced to hear tone like that.
no its not feedback.. but i do agree with turning up to loud and losing tone. thanks. but its like i cant match my drummers volume. i dont think i am that terribly loud.
a) move away from your amp, you're too close
b) it's the amp
c) it's the pickups in your guitar that need to be waxed
d) too much gain? (when do you draw the line )
what guitar are you using?
it could be the guitar or that the treble is overpowering everythig else.i usually would lower the treble and put the bass up a little and even it out with mids
well I am using a fender fat strat, satriani js-100, and also an ibanez artcore. but its not just me I have noticed many other guitarists having the same problem. its just the notes sound really high pitched and don't sound full... its kind of a strange sound. i just lose that tone when i am a little more than have volume