I haven't wrote music to it yet, but when I read it I get kind of a blues or jazz rhythm in my head, but here it goes.

I'm leavin'
and I ain't comin' back
I'm leavin'
I ain't turnin' 'round
I'm leavin'
I'm leavin' this town

I'm goin'
to a better place
I'm goin'
with a smile on my face
I'm goin'
and i ain't never comin' back

I know you want me to stay
there isn't anything you can say
cause I'm goin' away

(repeat first two verses)

Well I love you girl but I gotta go
Gonna start playin' my own show
I gotta go

(repeat first verse)

(just fade out singing "I'm leavin' ")

it might sound kinda short but it won't be when i add music and a solo.
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