hey i have owned a line 6 spider II 30W for a while now . i have recently put some ZW EMG's (81,85) into my epi les paul. i play a little bit of everything but mostly metal and was wondering if anyone knows how to get good sounds from this amp. (good settings for both metal and clean sounds). Am i even able to get good sounds from this?

I am also thinking of getting a new amp so that my EMG's will be able to shine but i don't know what kind to get. Like i said above i play everything but mostly metal. i have been looking at the VOX AD30or50 since it has good reviews, but i don't know if it will allow me to get the sounds i want. Is there another amp i should look into buying to allow for my pickups to shine on both metal and clean settings with out breaking the budget?(i have maybe $500-600 Canadian)
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not to sound stupid but do combos sound as good as tubes?

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new Amp is the answer...however, a VOX is NOT!. you aint gona get the EMG sound through a modelling amp. look at tube amps :p its hte only way
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ok turn off the amp and save for something nice and high gain with tubes, you arent really gonna notice a difference in tone using your line 6 spider 2, it doesnt allow the EMG's to perform at their best, but you can try scooping some of your mids if your into that type of thing. As for a new amp i would probabaly recommend something like a small tube combo, sorry im not too gd on the exchange rate so i cant give some recommendations.
git-newb, does that include the hybrid, tube/ss technology too?
Save more money man, you cant have a decent tube combos at this price, get something arouns 800-900$ and try to get a peavey 5150 combo 2x12 used or 6505