Okay, I'm taking yalls advice and learning the scales, but I am also learning how to memorize all the notes on the fretboard. But its hard for me to learn the scales marked with note names. So I am doing them with fret numbers, like tabs, instead of with note names. Once I memorize the fretboard I will learn the names of the notes. But for now is the way I am doing it okay?
By the way, is a Major Scale, the same thing as a Pentatonic scale, just with less notes?
Er, simply no.

What happens if you have to play in A instead of E? Then all of a sudden, you sound like ****. Learning the "shapes" will help more than fret numbers...

And if you at least learn the natural notes (no sharps or flats) then every other note is just a semitone away from a familiar note, meaning you can play pretty much anything.
Just don't get too caught up in your box patterns... Make sure you play the scales over the entire fretboard.
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learn you box shapes, then extend the box shapes yourself, learn octaves across the fretboard, that'll help alot. A good teacher should sort this, and make you learn this alot quicker.
try learning other peoples licks aswel so you know hot to apply the scales
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