¨How do i get a better sense of timing????..
maybe you got some excercises that could help me..
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Do whatever you do to a metronome. Everything in music has a rythm so if your sense of it is poor get an outside one that'll be there until you manage to get the hang of it.

Metronome, seriosly.
i was blessed with a good sense of rythm but i couldnt play in time. my hands werent listening to me that good. that is easily fixed with playing
if you cant keep the rythm steady then try playing along with a metronome
if you dont have the ability to tell where new bars begin try listening to some music and figuring out accents like cymbal crashes and see when they are at every first beat - thats the easiest way to get a good sense of timing and will help you out a lot when you play in a band.
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Get into a habit of tapping your foot while you play, this physically connects you to the rest of the band so you are less likely to go out of time.
metronomes aren't always great...maybe get some drum tracks off the internet?
The ideas i had have been said. Metronome. Drum track.

It's always a good idea to practice all the time with a metronome until you get a good sense of timing.
www.metronomeonline.com your new home, when i started guitar my rhythm / timing was really bad so what I was told to do and this worked wonders is to have your metronome on and just play one chord over and over intime with the metronome. Change rhytmn every 15 or so minutes, just something simple. The passenger - Iggy Pop, Am F C G, Am F C E, do it over and over and you should get it sorted fast. A drum machines possibly better as you can have different time signatures.
what works the absolute best:learn to play drums,I coudn't beleive how much it improved my timing even guitar playing in general!
Thank you.. seem to be some usefull tips
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When you listen to your CD player or whatever tap your foot or imagine a metronome along with the song. Playing basic stuff the progressively introduce more offbeats. Back in Black would be probably one of the better songs to start off with. It has a defined rhythm, very defined, and will teach you to control your speed very well.
Like everyone says metranome.

But if u want to be AWSOME and ur in high school join band as a percussionist.

I have been a percussionist for 6 years in school and now i can keep time AWSOME on my guitar and drums

It helps alot..

just take it into thought
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go to sleep with a metronome

i wonder if that actually works...
try it and tell me.
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