after like 9 months wuts the normal skill level for someone, like wut crap should they be able to do or play
Well, try uploading some of your material for a better response.
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Time playing =/= skill level. Some people increase in skill level really quickly, while others it may take years and years.
why is there a sort of competition for how good I should be ? you can't really measure it with songs, unless they're played well. A recording is needed to judge your playing.
I can't figure this out either. But, I guess it seems to come mostly from new or bad
players trying to guage when they'll become "good".

There's of course no real answer. If your practice habits suck, chances are you
can play forever and never get any better than mediocre. If you have great
practice habits you'll make stunning progress.

It's all in the practice and anybody can do it. Yet, so few actually do.
I'd say most of it depends on the age you start. If you start at a younger age say 10 its going to be harder to grasp the idea of scales and being able to improv, scales, and watch someone and learn compared to say a 15 yr old. Now the extra time he had to get the hang of guitar say your comparing someone who stared at 10 and now is 18 will be much better than someone who is 14 and now 18. LESSONS IS PROBABLY EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN AGE! I've been playing for 2 years, and had lessons after probably 8 months. After i finished lessons i didn't really show immediate results but i knew how to apply myself and thats what helped me show significant improvement.
Sorry about double posting but set goals, my goal is to be able to kick my ass from last week. Usually learning a new scale or some crazy dream theater song is what i woudl consider being able to kick my ass from a week ago.
I really think that practice is a huge part of your growth when it comes to guitar. I played bass guitar for three years and just now switched to electric guitar and I must say alot of it transferred over so I think that having that three year backbone definetely helped alot...