Pretty cool actually, the solo is weird, but nonetheless cool. Almost sounds as if its reversed. Cool groove thing you have going.

If you could check out mine(its in this forum) that would be cool too. Thanks!
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Quote by Gitar crazy
that was crap the solo had no rythem

I feel that at a certain point, too. But I have this problem in audacity where I can never seem to get the timing right. Ho-well!

Edit- Actually, I think both of you are talking about the ambient reversed and delayed guitar that plays through the majority of the song. That was just to sound crazy, not the actual solo...the solo is at the end...where the rythm is still off, however...if you could listen to the entire song and clear this up for me, that'd be great.
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You could pay more attention to your openings post next time

I like the beat actually, maybe try to add some "off" accents. I liked the guitars in the background, you could maybe use a keyboard/synth to fill the things up a bit more. Maybe try to write more themes the next time.

The solo, well, I didn't liked the tone too much, the phrasing needs a lot of work as well. Maybe try to don't play 8th/16th notes all the time and also try to start inbetween a few beats as well. And learn some arpeggios, maybe?

Yass, yass. I don't quite understand what you mean by themes...What I typically do when I'm expirementing and making a weirdass track like this, is just pile **** on, and then break it down to be as simple as it can be, but where I still like it.

Enlighten me in the solo ideas, please. I'd love to improve my soloing. How would one even throw arpeggios in there?

oh, and about the tone, it was just tubescreamer and big muff into my bassman, but then what I did was EQ post recording to make the mids as high as they would go. I wanted it to sound cheesy and ****. But I don't even know if that's what you're getting at.
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Themes, a melody line of a chorus or verse is a theme for a few examples. I was talkin' about the lead guitar in the non-solo part. It's good to hear that you're experimenting with music, but I want more variaton in the lead guitar melody.(Yes, still not talking about the last solo.)

Solo ideas:

You play all of your licks starting on a beat now, you can play the same licks starting inbetween 2 beats. (so the first note of the lick is the 2nd 8th note of the beat, the first is an 8th rest.) This will give a rather inpredictable sound. Also try to experiment with sexuplets and qwintuplets (or however you might call them in english), play a certain improv lick, lets say with the Pentatonic, 1st mode. You first play the whole scale up and down with groups of 6(6 notes a beat, sexuplet), than all the way up and down with groups of 5(5 notes a beat, qwintuplet), 4 notes a beat (16th notes) etc. Now combine them, first do 1 group of 6, then one group of 4, then one group of 5 etc.

Tab examples:

Sexuplets(Groups of 6)


A-------------A--------------A(A=Accent, 1 on every beat in this case. you can also try to play accents on other notes, lets say on the 2nd note of each group.)

Qwintuplets: (groups of 5)


A----------A-----------A------------A------------(then again, you can variate with the accents.)

Now combined, I hope you have got my point by now.


First group is a sexuplet, 2nd a qwintuplet, 3rd a sexuplet, 4th a qwintuplet.

Make your own licks with these kind of things. These licks where really basic, but I just used them show you my point.

And as far as arpeggios go, learn the chord progression you're playing out of your head, you have to know which arpeggio you have to play over which chord. (learn them 4 stringed, 5 stringed and 6 stringed, all in different positions) Remember, arpeggios are the notes of the chords what's played, but I guess you have to check out the lesson section of UG because I won't elaborate on this for now. I'm sure they'll have some stuff for you there.

Oh, it's not supposed to be varied, it's supposed to be a predictable dance song. And if that's all you meant by arpeggiooooooos, i got that down already, I just thought you meant sweeps or something. The lower guitar part is actually the bass keys part on the organ. I couldn't hear it, so I just did it on guitar. Then the reversed thing, **** if ik now. I just hit whatever felt right in C# minor, cut off the excess, added lots of delay, and reversed it.
Of course it's supossed to be varied.

That's a target for a musician, at least it's for me. To sound inpredictable without sounding rediculous off and having an own unique style.

If you don't agree with that....well....
I dunno what you're talking about. I just go with how it feels. After all, I just like making tunes. All kinds of tunes, not just complex jazz numbers with modal schemes, not just blues, not anything really. Just music. And to me, it doesn't even have to be good as long as I had a good time making it. It's not a business, man.

However, I tried to keep the song as unpredictable as possible while still retaining that repetetive dance feel. That explains why it's so short. Also, this themes thing...no. I don't think any parts of the song should be any more important than the other. I shoot straight through, as much as I can.

I don't want to sound like a jackass, but it's pretty lame of you to assume you can just define music as simple as that.
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