I've been playing guitar for quite a while now and I have a problem with learning songs. I tend to learn intros and then maybe part of a verse but by the time i get to that i lose interest and move onto another song. Just wondered if anybody has any tips on how i can keep focused on learning full songs?

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i used to have the same problems, a lot of times i'd learn the intro and a little tiny bit of the rest and move on, then i'd go back at a later time to learn another piece.... then i'd go back later and learn another piece..... it took me like a year and a hazlf to learn how to play 'one' like this..... and it took about as long to learn stairway
USed to happen to me a lot. What I would do to keep focused would be to chose fairly challenging songs and then set myself goals (learn the intro today, verse tomorrow). IF you've got an easy song that is hard to remember, or you play a song's intro to death, then you'll lose interest.
Sing the songs, as you play them, this turns it into more of a performance in your mind then guitar practice. Also, play along to CDs etc.