Are they that bad? I read that they suck and I've read that they are just as good as the real Bill Lawrence pickups. Also, I'd like to know anything about how they compare and how the Dimebucker compares I'd really like to know before I buy any of them.
dimebucker- Muddy. Lacks tonal defenition.

Bill Lawrence- Clear, high output without being muddy
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Okay thank you guys, but I've got problem. I emailed the site a while ago and they still haven't answered me. So I guess I'll call them tommorrow and see if I get through. I'm going to get the XL for sure but is the L-500Clean any good?
I opted for the the 500r in the neck and wish I had gone with the clean, not that the r is bad, it's just a little crunchier than I thought it would be. Either one is a great neck pickup though.
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