I currently play a classical guitar and am looking to get a new guitar somewhere between $200 and $400 - this price range DOES NOT include the amp. Could anyone give me suggestions on (1) which one to get (acoustic-electric or electric) and (2) what model?

Currently I play a lot of old folk music and some indie, mostly because it's such a pain to play anything involving intense soloing, power chords, etc on a classical, especially with the nylon strings. Assumingly, if I got an electric I'd be able to broaden the range of music I play, while getting an acoustic-electric would just mean I'd be able to be heard better.

Any thoughts?
Acoustic electric as in an acoustic guitar with a pickup or a semihollow/hollowbody? I would get a Strat or Tele, very versitile, maybe not my favorite guitars (I actually love Teles, Strats as well, but not as much) but very versitile and good for plain and simple rock, like indie.
If you enjoy playing high up the neck, it would probably be better to get an electric guitar -- better fret access, better intonation, more string flexibility/control.

If you like rhythm and accompaniment then acoustic-electric would be better. It has better accoustic response and string stability for strumming and appregiating over chords.

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