My bass has this annoying fretbuzz problem on the E string, but also on the others as well. When I fret any note, and it rings, there is no fretbuzz whatsoever, however if I lift off the string while it's still ringing I get horrible fretbuzz from the nearest fret only (i.e. fretted 5 fret, onlythe 5th fret would cause buzz) this only happens, however, when I lift my finger off relatively slowly, if I lift it off quite fast/normally it makes no fretbuzz. So, is this my techinque or the bass itself? And if so, how do I go about fixing the problem?

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play a different bass and if it does buzz, its probably you.
Im leaning towards you on this problem. Its buzzing because your holding the string close to the fret while its ringing. all guitars do that. and if it is the guitar, you might have to raise the action and/or adjust the truss rod.