I am looking into getting a Randall RG75DG3 and was wondering how the clean channel is. I know Randall is a metal amp and for an amazing clean to go for a Marshall, but I am looking for an amp that has an amazing distortion and a good clean, a clean like on Stairway to Heaven. Just wondering if anyone had any opinions on this. Thank you

For more specs about this amp click here. It's the same kind except at 75 watts over 200.
is that youe opinion on the marshall cleans? cause some people sa that the fender amps have the best cleans. other wise i can't help
It won't have very good cleans. It won't have a good tone in general, so I'd suggest a Valveking or another tube amp instead.
Unfortunantly I can't afford a really good tube amp. I am stretching it with the Randall. But I do enjoy the Marshall cleans, they have a nice tone. It might not be the "best" out there, but in my opinion it is one of the best. I have heard them compared to others and I like it as a clean tone. So just remember it's all a matter of opinion, and don't say my opinion on sound is any worse than yours, it's just different. Thanks though for your input.
Well if you going to go solid state I hear that the vox valvetronics series or a roland cubes do almost everything super well. I personally think that Randall is king when it comes to SS metal amps and their cleans aren't to shabby just listen to cemetary gates or floods by Pantera. For a ss clean sound they aint to shabby, but again that just my opinion.
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Whats your price range you can get a decent tube amp for 600 bucks. I would go for vox ac seriers or fender blues delux for good cleans in a cheap tueb amp
the cleans should be fine on that, its not marshall their wont be as much mids but it will give a nice sparkling clean