honestly? terrible. if you need to sing, sing it with heart. you sound like your trying to not wake up your parents or something. chances are you sound alot better if you just waittil no ones around and sing like your in the shower. how did you do the "piano". firstly, it doesnt sound like a piano at all. you should use the closest thing to a real piano you can get for that awesome song, and then overdub the organ parts after. is the piano fake? or did you actually touch keys. if its just sequenced, it needs work, if you actually played it, not too bad. just find a better tone on thee keyboard. try and see if you can send it out with no vocals and ask somebody too sing it for you. other than that. AWEOMSE! no honestly, sorry to be harsh at the beginning, but its for the best.

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my grandma is dying and my mum wants me to play something on bass for her, any body got any suggestions?!

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another one bites the dust has a pretty cool bass line
^yea if i wanted someone to say "oh its the best thing ever" i woulda asked my parents lol. yea ive never sang before and i guess im a little shy (cant think of a better word). I used an old electric keyboard for it, just played through one time, weve got a real piano i could use but again, id rather do it alone. i guess ill have to find some time and do this right instead of rush it in a day.

Thanks alot Adam

EDIT: im taking it down until its i do it right
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Ehh...no comment.
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At least it wasnt another ****ty Metallica or fallout boy cover...
it definately could have been worse. it's nice that you actually played it with keys, but the fact that it doesn't sound like a real grand piano takes away from it. The vocals aren't very good, don't be afraid to sing, man. I have the same problem, I multi-track and hate to sing when recording because no one in my house can hear any of the instruments except for me. To spice it up a bit, you may want to add guitar or just throw some more instruments into the mix. I actually did this song a little bit ago, it would be great if you could comment on it.


there you go, and good luck with later projects.