I was just improvising in the Lydian mode when i recorded this. any critisicm would help. its called "C# Lydian"


amazin' asian

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The timing could be a little tighter, but other than that very interesting and original. Keep it up.
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soz dont like the idea
it sounds alrite, but i dont like the whole idea
once the guitars come in its much better
and u drop that high pitched beat thing
timing is a little sloppy
u sometimes hit bad notes on ur guitar but not very often
so its good

overall 7/10!
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You're doing good, mate.

Keep up the good work.

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i like the idea and lydian is a great mode to use makes it so mysterious and seems like you been playing for 6 months whihc makes this pretty good... mayb if you sped it up somewhere cuz it gets a bit boring and lose the funky high things at the intro... overall 8/10