Okay does anyone know how to do it??? I've heard that a fender strat can be modded for 7 way switching. I've got a fat strat so it should'nt be any different. Has anyone done it and can explain how to do it, or where to get it done??? I think it would be an awesome featur to have if anyone can make the right electronics for it.
Okay I checked but I have a fat strat buddy. that won't work and plus what the hell is the whole phase on phase off thing, what is the sound difference?
It'll work all the same. You can do 13 switch with a Fat Strat I do believe.

Phase is a little complicated for some of my simple terms to explain. Phase switches are seen on production guitars like the Fender Jaguar.
Phase - sound travels in waves. These waves have crests and valleys. If two soundwaves hit their crests and valleys at the same time, they're called "in phase." If one soundwave hits it crest while the other is hitting its valley, the soundwaves are called "180 degrees out of phase." Out of phase sounds thin and nasal. It's probably the least musical sound you can make with switching options, IMO. Far better is coil splitting and series/parallel.
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