Hey guys,
I've decided to customize an old Peavey Raptor that I have over the summer but the problem is that I am a total customization noob (This will be my first customization). I learned a bunch from look at other people guitar customiziation projects but I still have a few noob questions i'd like to ask about customizing if you guys dont mind.
1. After painting it what kind of finish should i put on it?
2. How do i change the pickups?
3. Can i get a different pickguard or is each model of guitar have a certain pickguard model that it uses?

I was thinking about doing a star wars stormtrooper themed paint job but im not having much creating a design. Do you guys have any suggestions? Any better ideas? Thanks in advance
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u might wanna get a professional to change the pickups...its a tough job...and i think u could get a different pickguard just it will probaly look like **** or u will have to drill new holes and fill the old ones
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1. I don't know, sorry...For a fast answer you could probably PM Algee

2. Changing the pickups isn't THAT hard, if you can follow a wiring diagram and can use a soldering iron. There are diagrams all over the place, if you're looking for something special, then I'm sure somebody on here could make one for you.

3. If your guitar is SSS, then you can get a replacement Peavey Raptor guard here:
A bit pricey though. If you don't want to go there, I'm sure you could find one on ebay or you might even be able to mess with a strat pickguard
changing pickups isnt that hard, its a good starter DIY job, great for noob customizers.

and yeah, you could probly just follow that link above or get a strat pickguard.

for the strat one you'd probly have to drill your own holes, tho i suggest it over the Raptor pickguard cuz thers a lot more variety in materials/colors/designs with a strat guard.
Heres my first design, what do you think?

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Quote by spazzymagee417
i would pay more for a midget corpse than an average size corpse
pretty cool but the outline of the stormtrooper might be hard to see if they are the same shade of white, i would go with a different color guitar.
For that paint job, you just spray it white (few layers) then tape it all off, then cut out the slightly shaded bits (the gray area) and a few more layers, then finally do the black, a few more layers then clear finish it. And there you go! Patience is a reward if you use it.

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Paint some stars or a light saber lined up with the neck between the bridge and neck.
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