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This will be my first build. I wan't to make a Randy Rhoads Moderne from scratch ( A Randy Rhoads V with an Explorer Arm). I've got quite a few sketches and such, but I don't know when I'll be able to get them up on the computer. I'm trying to get an Angus Young Rythym sound with a Randy Rhoads lead.

My questions:
What wood should I use for the body and neck?
What would be best for the fingerboard for RR style tapping (wood and fret wise)
I'd like to use 3 pickups. (dbl coil-sing coil-dbl coil) What would be the best pickups to use being aware of the sound I want and the space I have?
What other specs would you reccomend?

Also -It would be just great if someone knew of a good guide I can use for guidelines. I'm doing everything from scratch except the components and the neck.

I'll keep you posted as I go along. Later I may try to make a picture w/ paint, though it probably won't turn out as good as the sketches.
This is what I made from the site SA gave me. The arm is a little disproportionate and a little choppy, but it gives you a little look at what I want to do. I'm still deciding on the paint job, but the sketches I did were black w/ green flames. I'll get my friend to scan the sketches sometime this week.
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If whoever voted 'No Way!' would like to tell me why and give some constructive criticism, it would be appreciated.
Iv'e had some designs like that. With a different arm though.
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your building the RR-m and i'm buildng the RR-b. haha.
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I've noticed that. I can't wait to see the RR-b finished. A very interesting project...
I would still like some wood and pup suggestions since I'm starting on the body Saturday.
Looks interesting. And in reply with kaplac, yes, it does indeed look like the Jackson Warrior, which in my opinion looks decent. Just my two cents.

, Dave
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I plan on making the arm sharper like the other points on the body.

Thats what I was thinking would look the best too.
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Well, I have the neck done and ready. Body will be made on Saturday.
Eh if you're going to make the horn pointy you might as well be buying a Jackson Warrior.. lol.

Ewww that thing is ugly =x The round-ness just doesn't fit it.
Last time I checked, the Jackson Warrior was a double-Cutaway X Shape.
Just to be clear, that little pic up there IS NOT my design. It is just there to give an idea of the shape of the guitar. Trust me, my sketeches are perfect. All 3 horns are going to be sharp.
It gunna be like a bastard child from genetic expieriments of ML's, RR's, and Warrior's.
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That is a cool design mate, I think it would be worth it, but I do not think the green would look good.