I had my wah wah (Dunlop 535Q) looked at and the guys at the store said they couldn't find anything wrong with it!

Go to:


An listen to the track called "Wah Problem"

As you can hear, it just cuts out when in the toe-down position!

What could it be UG?!
as a temp fix, you could loosen the white part that keeps the rack on the pot teeth and adjust the position, so that maybe it doesnt even move to the position that it cuts out in.
Hmm, It actually kinda sounds like the cable is messed up maybe. Try playing the and jiggiling the ends of the wires to see if any of them are broke.
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A pot would be the first thing to do, as that is the source of most wah problems. Look at ebay and get a cheapo one, just so you can test it out. It might be scratchy, but it won't do what yours is.
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