I was wondering if anyone could tell em about a forum i could put a drum question on, i noticed ultimate guitar doesnt have one, which doesnt suprise me. Unless, someone here knows a decent answer. my question is i need a new snare head, and theres about a million to choose from. i dunno which to get. id like to get a coated one, but i dont want the coating to wear off like my old one. im not such a hard hitter on the snare but my friend is an extremely hard hitter, and hes ruined my past two heads, so i need a head thats great for taking tough blows. i was thinkin of either the 'high energy snare drum batter head' or the 'focus x batter head' but still theres so many.
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someone should start a petition for an other instrument forum.

you should have posted this in the pit/musician talk.

anyway, I'm not a drummer so I can't help.
The "standard" head for a snare is the Remo Coated Ambassador. It's the most commonly used snare head. They have a medium thickness and good rebound to them. While I don't like the sound of an Ambassador on the toms (I prefer a drier tom sound) the sound on the snare always sounds good. All in all it's always going to be a personal preference, but just about every serious drummer that I know or talked to prefers the Remo.
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yes the standard is the remo ambassador coated but i have remo pinstripes on my toms and an Emperor X on my snare, it is freakin awesome, its the thickest snare head remo makes so it takes hard blow very good, it sounds way better than the ones that came with my set, once you break in the head it starts to sound way better, at first i didnt think the pinstripes were very good but after a week they sounded great, definitely get Remos (probably the Emperor X)