Ok, the name wouldnt fit.
Wrote the song in fl, its just a little trippy 2 chord vamp thing, some melodies and a solo.
The guitar was played more to fit with the music then to show off, and it was kind of rushed. All improv. A little sloppy, not the best tone, yadda yadda yadda.

Anyways, links in the sig. Crit for crit, all that jazz.
lol, what a song title....

Hm......not exactly my kind of music, but I'll give it a try....

Very......trippy. Lol, that's all I can really contribute. The techno percussion is kinda a nice touch to this, helps keep things upbeat and interesting.

Lead coming in.....
Very cool, I love your tone, reminds me of satch's......

Harmonies were great, but is it just me, or does one guitar constantly start out ahead of the other? It seems like the timing is constantly off, but then the other guitar catches up to the faster one......lol, it's a cool effect though, maybe that's what you were going for.

This was great, and if I were a stoned (dont do drugs!), I'd listen to this.
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The drum beat gets a little boring. But other then that I liked it. Pretty nice guitar work, like the tone. Second minute was much more entertaining then the first. Im interested to see where you go with this if you choose to expand it.
Pretty nice. Has a very "refreshing" vibe, with the drumming and all. As previously said, the solo has a very Satch vibe in both tone and style, which is pretty cool. The drum buildup is a nice little treat, too. The harmonized part is sweet as well.

Good job
I liked it, it has a laid-back/loungy feel which I find very nice to listen to from time to time. Like has already been said, the drum beat is a little monotonous ( Sp?) but that's pretty much the only "negative" thing I can think of. The guitar part fits in rather nicely, and although it's not a show-off piece of guitar work lilke you said, I think you managed very well in creating a nice combi of guitar and dance parts. I'm gonna listen to it again; I feel inspired...

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sorry this is late, I've been busy.

Listening with headphones, I feel kinda ill listening to this, I think its that tamborine lol. The guitar lines are good themselves, nice harmonies too - your tone and playing style reminds me of a SNES game called "Plok" hehe. Guitars dont fit very well with the rest of the music imo, which sounds much faker in comparison.

very random genre indeed. not bad but I can't say I'd listen to it.
Pretty sweet really.

As most of the stuff on your dmusic, sounds like video game music. The solo however, was the high point for me. Seriously, like I said, the reverb in your tone is awesome. That's the best tone I've heard from you. Keep up the killer techno!
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cool i like it, im kinda loving fruity loops at the moment too, only really been experimenting with drum beats though as i can't work out how to do other instruments in it ...any tips?

quite an original idea u got goin on.....techno shred...who wudda thought it? haha

keep up the good work.

check out mine if you have the time
https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=364923 thanks in advance.
I love this. The guitar is perfect but I think the lead should be just a tad louder, not so it's overwhelming or anything but that it's a little less faint. That's really the only thing I can say other than that I loved it.

Just got to the harmonizing part, sounds amazing.

Keep up the good work!
hey pookoo that was nice man.. although a little trippy, but theres nothing wrong with that. I really like your tone very melodic...when you turned the harmonizer on it made it really freakin cool 9/10
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opps well now that I listen to it again yeah it is a little out of time but still very cool none the less
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Not really a big fan of Trance stuff, so I mainly had my ear on the guitars and what i heard was good Loved the duel part.

Awesome tone too!
Yeah that was kinda cool, some of it sort of seems off time but if that was fixed it would be nice. I dont know. Try it with some more mellow guitars maybe. I'm not saying it would be better or worse, but the music might fit better. Might. It was good the way it was though. Like, really.
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that echoy feel was great i enjoyed it alot though very diffrennt then all those other boring recordings lol 9/10!!
I really liked the guitar for the most part but the timing got very distracting. The background was dreamy and actually fit nicely in with the guitar sound.
Uh, I don't see any play buttons on your dmusic...wtf!?
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I quite like the chords behind the loops and the strings are nice. Quite liking the melody.

It develops pretty well, too. Guitar fits very well too. Tone is a little saturated, but i still like it.

Not fond of the stop time section, little cheesy and the shredding sound out of place.

The harmonised section sounds cheesy and fun, i like it. The ending is very nice, but i think the guitar work needs a unifying theme...i like most of the rest of the song, and the playing itself is alright - its just it sounds like improv over a backing track, not a song. Nice work though, a huge improvement from old times...
Nice playing, but the cymbol beats sounded like they were a little off. Dude, I was like what the hell, I felt like I was playing a video game, then came the guitar. Pretty sweet.
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IMO the cymbal/tambourine/shaker or whtever it is .. was way too overpowering.

Besides that I liked it. The melody was nice. Phrasing was decent. It was different which is always good. The fast parts were a bit out of place but it wasn't really a show stopper or anything.
Wierd...works now...I refreshed a bunch before too...
Anyways, cool, but the drumbeat gets a bit annoying after a while.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
Thanks for the crit on my song.
I quite liked this (WTF at the title), the synths sound very good (what VST did you use?), and the guitar fits the song very well. I'm really into that ambient, dreamy guitar feel.
Love it!
It was nice, I liked the tone alot. The drums were annoying though. The part where 2 guitars in harmony I guess thats what you call it sounded great
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