is it bad if you have a heavy guitar?...cause the guitar im about to get is quit heavy for a strat model, like heavier than my sg...but its balanced...is there any problems with heavy weight besides it might hurt my shoulder after awhile...but i dont gig...and i usually play sitting down and it doesnt hurt my leg...so is there any problems with a heavy or light guitar?...does it matter? or is it just preference
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some guys like the feel of the weight.

haha, me on the other hand....

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well, I think the "I HATE Les Pauls" thread might answer your question if you read some of the posts
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I've always loved the feeling of a heavy guitar. THe lighter ones to me just fell......cheap.
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ive got an ibanez sz320
pretty big jump in weight from my strat
i like it
i think its just personal preference
I like a weightier guitar as well. Lightweight ones just don't feel right to me.
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There's no definitive answer.

I love my semi, and it's heavier than a five-string bass.