I want to start recording myself on computer and i have no clue or gear to do it so can you guys give me a list of all the gear i will need (mics, software ect.) and what you would recommend, and could you give me some tips?
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audacity is recording
and a 15 doller mic from best buy will do
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where do you buy audacity and how much is it?
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forever u will haunt the recording threads of UG.... lol just playing. Gosh where do I start, hmm instead of writing another essay I will give u links to all my posts explaining exactly what you need. Ull notice my posts are the Really really long ones. Enjoy:


that one actually pretty much covers, keep posting with more questions, good luck,


Edit: Budget???
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audacity is free, http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Of course, if u get an audio interface, u wont need any of that, u'll be set, make sure u read that post i sent u
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giving us a budget would really be helpful here. guitaraphones post in that other thread is good and has some good advice (he needs to learn how to use paragraphs tho ) what you should do for recording programs is download some free programs and demos of a few expensive programs to see what you like. free programs include audacity and raptor, and i know you can get free demos of tracktion and reason. im sure there are others out there, but those come first to mind. as for what you need, it really depends on what you are recording. just recording electric guitar is different from acoustic or vocals, and drums are going to take multiple mics.

also, CraigKing's advice is basicly useless. i can get you 10 times the quality of his $1 method for about $5, so dont bother with it. neither of those will get you a good quality sound anyway, tho it is fine if on a tight budget. so just post a budget and what you are trying to record and im sure some people will be more than happy to post you in the right direction.

ok, now for some recording tips. these are going to be for any recording, no matter the software or the device. first off, use a metronome. no matter how good you think you are at keeping time, you are not perfect. if you try to add things later, other instruments of some synth stuff on the computer, it is always VERY beneficial to be in time and know the tempo at which you are playing. i like using a basic drum beat in a program to keep time for me. this way i can set the kick to play on beat one, snares on down beats and hi hats on up beats, so i know exactly where i am in the bar at all times. a normal metronome works fine as well, but this is just something i find useful.

do multiple takes. no matter how good you think your first take is, do another. it may be better, it may be worse, or it may be the same quality. if its better, use the second take, if worse, throw it away. the cool thing comes in when they are both good. if you used a metronome, both should be on time and sound good together. you can use both together to create a chorus type effect that adds depth to your recording. pan each slightly to opposite sides and you get a nice full stereo sound, more than if just having one track doubled.

make sure you are editing and EQing things. you can sometimes edit out those buzzes from your gear, and doing so gives you a better sound. you can use the noise removal effect in audacity, or a filter type effect on most programs would do the trick. getting a good EQ on each track, or even just on one track if thats all you have, can make a huge difference in your sound. i have a song i recorded where everyone said the guitar tone was great, but all it was was a not so great guitar run straight into a bad soundcard. the trick was i used an EQ to get the best tone from the sound, and that made all the difference. so editing and EQing are a definate must.

if you need any more help, or need clarification on anything, dont hesitate to ask.
Haha couldn't have said it better Jof1029, some great quotes in there about CraigKings Haunting thread and my not being able to use paragraphs : )
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lmao meh =p my method works pretty well for me though tbh. probaly not as great as a tone port but, i'll def have to post some sound samples :/
well im not into spending a lot right now maybe 30-40, and hey jof1029 you seem to know what youre talking about so know how i can record drum (without a real drummer) for liitle or no money?
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To me it sounds like your trying to do everything without anything... Seems like your taking it for granted that this stuff takes money... No drummer? Buy a trapset... you can't get good tones for drums that'll actually work with no money, unless you no a trapset player...
^ first off what is a trapset?, and for drums im talking software.
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without a drummer, your best option to get drums into your songs is probably some sort of program that does drum loops. i myself use Fruity Loops and love it, but many people find it too confusing or just hate it for other reasons. basicly what you do is set up a bunch patterns you want in one section of the program, then put these patterns into a playlist on the other side of the screen. then when you hit play, you can have it play the song straight through with your playlist of drum patterns. its not free, but you can get a free demo. the demo cant save, but you can export your song as an mp3. since you can import mp3s into many recording programs, you can thus put those drums into your song.

other people swear by reason and say they can make some great drums in that. i cant figure the thing out for the life of me, probably because the demo times out after 20 minutes and thats too short to do much. ive heard of other free programs, i think hammer head is one. ive never tried that one though, so i have no idea how it works. i know there are others, i just dont remember what they are.

the other main option here is to buy a drum machine. again, ive never used one of these so im not sure how they work. i think they have pre-programed beats and also you can program stuff in, but ive never used one. im sure the nice ones are way out of your price range, so i would start by looking at free demos of programs.

ok, so i would suggest to start by searching this forum because i know there are recomendations for drum loop programs. then i would download a couple of the demos and free ones and see if you can figure stuff out. spend some time with them and try to get one that you can work with. once you do that, getting some good drum beats into songs becomes pretty easy. now, just to make sure you know, this will sound a bit sterile because it is digital. a real drummer will sound much better and will have ideas on how drum parts should go, while you probably wont at first. but hey, its better than nothing and can get you started with a full sounding recording.
recording software
audacity = free
cool edit = not free but free from limewire
if you want a drummer. fruity loops can do it.
also its not free. but limewire is an alternative

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^ it is illegal to use limewire for that purpose. UG does not promote this and will not tolerate others promoting this use of that program. please do not suggest limewire as a way do download these programs.