new equal vision band, at first i thought they were boring and cliche but i listened to a song on purevolume and they have pretty skilled instrumentalists and the guy has a really nice voice.


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First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

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Ill check the link and post later if I like it. Iv seen their name around and they sound like another "purevolume band" (as i like to call it). You know, just one of those bands where all thier songs sound the same except for one song which is thier hit song. And then they just blend together with other bands who tend to get fame from purevolume. The tyoe of bands who think they are hardcore or emo and have influenced me to stop listening to those genres of music as often, atleast most of the bands in those genres. Okay wow Im totally starting to rant here, Ill just shut up and get to listening. Well plus they are equalvisions so they cant be all that bad.

EDIT: meh, they arent breathtaking or anything but they arent that bad. the singer is pretty good, the instruments though are kinda generic.
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Weird, Dustin and Jeff were talking about them like 10 minutes ago in teh chat and then I come in here and zomg thread?

But yeah, they are pretty cool in my book.
I dunno.... generally I dont really listen to bands like these guys anymore.... I only go for bands that really stick out with their own style. Of course I have my guilty pleasures here and there and I think Equal Visions has some amazing bands on it, these guys just arent doing it for me...

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