Well they closed my last thread but that wont shut me up... As for what silentdeftone said about bringing it up in private to a certain user, ok. But what good will that do when your talking to the majority of this forum? It wont. So it takes someone posting in here about the assholes who reply to our threads with such a lack of respect that it makes me want to puke. When so many people agree with me about this subject its kind of hard to silence us all. I thought that bringing this to the attention of the moderator might shed light on those pricks, but apparently the mod is one of them too. Well, whatever. I wont take this quietly and I wont back down. I never do...

But if you havent read my other thread go ahead and read it. Join the bandwagon and make these assholes listen. Lets stick up for ourselves when people talk ****. Or else what is this world gonna come too???? Just look were we are now.
What the **** do you think this is, America? This is China, so if you don't agree with us, you can either leave or get thrown in prison. Goddamn drama queen.
For all remaining forum users who are interested in this topic: The mature, responsible thing to do would be report the user. Not make a thread whining about it, and then another thread whining about how I closed that one, and another one telling zappp to blow you.