I was inspired by a song I heard to try something weird/unique out, so I made this. It's pretty short, but I like it. =)

Hope you enjoy!
That was definetly weird. You can say that was one of the weirdest sounding songs on here. But, that didnt make this song horrible. The repetitiveness was overbearing when you had the same two members repeated over and over, without a melody over them. which brings me to the melody. I liked both a lot, but the electric guitar was cooler than the voice one. So, good work. I really liked it.

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Ok there Mushroom Head take it easy with the bells. Haha just kidding.

I don't know. It doesn't seem to flow well and it sounds, for lack of a better word, weird as hell. I don't really see how it could flourish into a song. And for some reason most of the guitar didn't sound very good to me. Even if it was in key or whatnot, it just sounded bad with the particular riff going on the bells. but yea.

7/10. Weird. Crit Mine?
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Yeah, it was definitely experimental. I think that if you wanted to be musical and weird at the same time you should incorporate more than just bells and guitar. Sometimes there was an overload of bells. And some of it was out of key which caused a somewhat annoying harmonization but I'm sure it would grow on me in time. Srsly, it's got potential.
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Whoaaa. That hurt my head a little. The bells mixed with those little upstroke riff things was craaazy. XD

Weird, but some of it sounds really good. :]
that sounds like a total videogame song. i can just imagine cloud running around in some strange dimension with that playing....sell it to squarenix for the next FF game.
intriguing. the first three bars sounded like the beginning music to some really low budget movie. the bells that keep going with 8th notes get really annoying. so does that chord progression. i thought the guitar solo would be a good break from that, but it's pretty dissonant. maybe this'd sound better with an e minor chord. yeah, nice effort.

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