i was thinking of getting an effects pedal, something cheap, so i wanted to decide between a digitech "bad monkey" pedal and a behringer ultra distortion 100 does anybody have these and if so are they decent and which one should i pick
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the bad monkey is pretty much useless to you except maybe to add a bit of punch to your notes, because its an overdrive pedal, which is generally meant for tube amps.

if i were you, id save up my money and get a better amp.
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what kind of music do you play...if you like metal, save for the boss metal zone (around 80 bucks or so), if you like punk, alternative stuff get the boss ds-1 distortion (around 45 bucks) but it doesnt have good tone when used properly. if you put the level alll the way up, its decent. but then you have a crazy loud dist. setting, with a quiet-as-a-mouse clean setting.
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