Hey fellas, Could use some advice/help on learnin to play coffee house style, i.e playing bassline and lead by myself, so I can entertain myself, others.. I know the basic chords a-f major/minor 7th etc.. I know a few scales, mainly pentatonic. Anyways.... Any help would be much appreciated. Links, tabs, tips, whatever you guys could offer.

Thanks in advance.
Quote by Slurgi
What exactly is... 'coffee house style' ?

Yeah...so last time I was at a coffee shop playing a gig...there was this other guy playing that night who formed all his chords with his left hand over the top of the neck...not the bottom. In other words, his thumb was on the high-E side.

Try and picture that for a moment...

Wait for it...

Yeah, that's what I thought too. WEIRD as aliens being "pretty cool guys."

If that is coffee house style, I'll stick to Kick-A, face melting FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE NECK style.
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Quote by zxBane
coffee house style, i.e playing bassline and lead by myself

Those chords are something/something. Example would be Dsus/F#. Just need to learn chord theory and how chords are formed.
im not 100% sure what you are asking really... i mean are you just asking tips on playing slash chords and alternating bass notes or what? i think i understand the style of play you are talking about, but i don't understand exactly which aspect you are asking about.
I think he want to learn how to wear a tuttle-neck and woo girls with poetic lyrics about nature and bull**** like that.
"Alright. Who wants some? "
Get 2 Line 6 Loop pedals. Plug guitar into one, and then into amp or PA. Plug mic into the other, and then into the PA. Pretend you're Howie Day, and play the chords, the harmonic chords, the bass line, and solo all by yourself. Then sing and harmonize with yourself. Don't mess up, and take a bow.

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^^Should he rub one out too?? Just kidding. Well I get what type of playing he's talking about. Hes talking about the way that Kaki King plays (or whatever that chicks name is). She plays from the top side of the neck. But, no, you don't have to learn to play like that. Pretty much coffee house music would most likely tend to be something like classical, few lyrics, with mostly playing. No jamming out, unfortunately. I mean, could you see peoples reaction to you playing some Slayer?
I mean music like John Butler, or certain Eric Clapton etc. It may not be called coffee house. like I stated earlier, if anyone would of read my entire post.. -----PLAYING BASSLINE AND LEAD ALL AT ONCE---- Now does anyone get what I mean or am I the only one to have heard of this stuff lol.
Wow... it's amazing how much confusion a simple question can cause.

ZxBane... what you're referring to is basically called chord melody. It's a way to play a more complete arrangement of a song on guitar rather than just strumming the chords. Like you said in your original post, you account for the lead, rhythm, bass and vocals without relying on other instruments.

Do some searching on Google on Chord Melody or check out this link: http://ibreathemusic.com/subcat/11 there are lots of articles on chord melody, as well as a few standards you can learn.

Hopefully this will point you in the right direction.
Thanks alot Bob, But with the link you gave me is for recording the rthym lead and what not, at seperate times. What I am refering to is like, Me Playing a bassline and then some lead then a bassline then some lead etc, in one piece , I don't know if I am just explaining it idiotic, and if thats the case I apologize to you all, but I was pretty sure it was reffered to as coffee house style of play, playing the bassline and lead all at once , >_<
Really it's just practice. I can't do it, but my guitar teacher started it with the song "Blue Bossa". Learn how to play all 3 parts of that song, and you're pretty set.
ok i work at a coffee house
theres always open mic/acoustic gigs and what not
i'm not real sure what you want, but here are some good songs to play
green day - time of your life
tom petty - free fallin
john melloncamp - jack and diane
bob dylan - knockin on heaven's door
eric clapton - layla acoustic
the beatles - here comes the sun
- two of us
- let it be
folk songs in general are always fun, sea chantes, just keep the crowd going and they'll love it, there usually not picky people, good luck and hope this helped
It sounds more like a jam band style is what you're referring to. And that's actually chord melody as "Bob" mentioned before, not including a melody and solely a bassline. Listen to some stuff by Dave Matthews or Dispatch, something along that jam band kinda mentality. See if those are the influences you need then you can build your own exercises. Under the Table and Dreaming by Dave Matthews Band is a great chord melody album, peace.