hey guys i just put up a new rock song entitled "thought of you"....it doesnt have any drums but i couldnt call it acoustic rock because it's got bass and an electric lead/solo....i think it definitely sounds different than a lot of songs out there as far as melody/structure, so i'm very curious to know what y'all think!....all of the vocals are done by me, and they could definitely be better, but there is quite a bit of harmony in there so i'm also looking for some thoughts on that!

thank you in advance...

"Thought of You"

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i liked the hellsong cover
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Interesting chord choices- sounds very nirvana-esque. Vocals are great, no probs there. Solo is good too. Not much else to say really except good job
i love your vocals dude... harmony is awesome

you have some talent man
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There was the odd timing issue and a vocal mistake here or there, but for the most part it was great. I think the solo needs a bit of reverb, it sounds really dry.

Otherwise, 8/10
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i didnt like this song so much, but i went ahead and listened to some of your other songs. Really really good stuff man, i am impressed.

if you wanna listen to some **** on my dmusic go for it


leave comments on there, nice voice btw
^done my friend : )

thank you every body for the comments/crits.....as far as the structure goes would you conisder it a winner or a bit too odd to say?

thanks again!
hey dude.. this is something different.. great vocal + backing vocals..
my oppinion that u should try to put some percussioon there.. it doesnt mean that a drum track.. maybe an eggshaker or something.. the song is good but it would be great if there is some percussion involve..

do comment mine!

^hey man that sounds like a pretty decent idea but i cant think of many places it would fit, except maybe right when the main melody "well now, i think i fell for you..." comes in.............thoughts?
i think this song is awesome, i'm gonna check the others now. it's very A.I.C like and they're one of my favourite bands lol. well done dude, this is great

crit mine?

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love American voices :p cant get better than them :p .. did america proud good man.
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/Clap Very nice. I enjoyed it, and so did the couple of friends I showed it to.
I agree with the others, the vocals are amazing. As for the guitar, solo, and such also all very good. I can't seem to find any problems with it. Nice work.
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